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Journal Entry: Sat Aug 11, 2012, 12:53 AM
Gather 'round, today I shall be writing a review of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, the newest Kingdom Hearts game. Listen well, I probably will not be taking questions.
When I first heard that this game was on the 3ds system, I got a large stab of disappointment, for several reasons. First off, if you've ever played 368/2 days or Re:coded, you don't have high expectations for the graphics being at all great for a ds system. Even if it's on the new one, you still just DON'T. Second, after wishing so hard before Birth By Sleep came out that it SHOULD HAVE been a console game, you should have saw when my feels all withered and died when Birth by sleep was, in fact, ANOTHER handheld. I was very persistent with that particular game, making sure I got a psp just so I could play it. I've got to say it was worth it, but that game is not the one I'm writing a review for, eh now? No, it isn't.
But you've got to admit, Kingdom Hearts in 3d still sounds awesome, and there was no denying that. I stacked my happiness high and nearly exploded of it before the game came out. I am not ashamed to say that I brought my ds with me when picking it up from the store with my KH necklace on(which I have on now, in fact) And started playing DDD(Dream Drop Distance) as soon as I got in the car on the drive home.

Now, this is where my review REALLY starts, I'll start off with the Gamplay-

If you played Birth By Sleep, and loved it, then  I'm happy to say that DDD has taken those 'x' commands into the basic gameplay fighting style.

The game also goes to a whole new level with flowmotion, remarkably making combat a lot easier while not making the game too easy.

Exactly, what is flowmotion, you ask? Well, it's a new gameplay command with the simple 'dodge' button which could also be just as easily stated as 'the y button' you can roll into a wall and do a very powerful attack with the attack button('a'). You would be surprised how drastically I overused this near the end of the game. You can also jump onto railings(no button pushing required), slide your way across, and do ANOTHER all-powerful attack after you jump off by simply pressing the attack button. You would also be surprised how many times I purposely jumped onto a rail because of how effective this was at defeating enemies. There is actually many more, but I would not want to spoil everything. This is a brand new game, after all.

Overall, I'd say the game play is very satisfying. 4 and 1/2 stars(out of 5)

And now for the Story.

Basically, it's the same old confusing story. Although, this game preparing you for the long awaited Kingdom Hearts 3, it has summarized all of the previous games' stories, now making it easier to understand Kingdom Heart's for those that don't(Which I'm sure is more than 80% of the fandom, in the least) Which I'm glad about, because I was part of that 80%. The story in this game I don't want to go much into, but it was intriguing. Very much so.

4 and 3/4 stars(out of 5)

Might I say, the end was nearly impossible on proud mode. I died many times, and it became a routine for me, almost. Wake up->Play KH:DDD-> Die

I would go on, but I am in the least very tired. I shall go on this tomorrow, Good night.

  • Mood: Obsessed
  • Listening to: Homestuck Vol.9
  • Reading: Clockwork Angel

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Is this still the da account you use? Well I hope so. Anywho, happy birthday c-bear!
No promises, Landon keeps me busy, but for your birthday I will try to do a commission for you of whatever you like, if you like, it's currently all I can offer. Jus give m a holler :)
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So, uhh... :iconglompplz:
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Hey, can you remember what thing we were going to have Krypton do from that stream?
I honestly don't remember anymore.

Oh, and hello there!
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took your advice: i started a new account by kept the old one just in case so i dont loose everything(:
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